About Me

I started programming full time in 1996 as an intern at G.E. I received a Mech Eng degree from Missouri University of Science and Technology in 2000. I worked in the field for a couple years and then left my job to pursue my passion and start my own biz programming full time.  I’ve never looked back.

I have an extensive background in mobile development.  I co-founded Movo Mobile (acquired by Neighborhood America in 2006) which serves clients such as Adidas,  Reebok, Gillette, Fox News and HGTV.  Before that, I moved to Florida to work for Boomerang Mobile Media as a vested partner building mobile experiences in .NET for the media and entertainment industry.

Since 2005 I’ve been completely obsessed with the Adobe Flex framework.  After experimenting with Flex, Java, BlazeDS, .NET, (n)Hibernate and countless other stacks, I ended up going with Flex, Zend_AMF Aerial (a framework built on top of Doctrine & AMFPHP) and Red5 (Remote Shared Objects are invaluable).

Me, myself and I:

  • can’t stand the term “Web 2.0”
  • am an open source junkie
  • own a breadboard
  • have a horrible memory
  • love to play tennis and board games
  • get tired of listening to “self proclaimed experts”
  • am wicked pissa excited about the coming releases of Ubuntu
  • can’t spell
  • have been in two motorcycle accidents
  • am a chess geek
  • realize -> Humanity + Love + Respect + Understanding + Humility = Bliss

I’m always available for freelance work or helping anyone out that asks nicely.


Rob Cesaric