Disable Flex LinkBar Background rollOverColor Color

Disable Flex LinkBar Background rollOverColor Color

If you want to get rid of the background roll over color in a Flex LinkBar, the key is to set the skin style to null.  I got stumped trying to set the “overSkin” to null which doesn’t work.

Here’s some sample code from one of my projects as an example:

<mx:LinkBar itemClick="navClick(event)" x="43" y="10"  separatorColor="#3E2006" 
	textRollOverColor="#FFFFFF" color="#3E2006" fontWeight="normal" 
	fontFamily="Verdana" selectionColor="#000000" 
	linkButtonStyleName="footerLinkBar"   >
			<mx:Object  label="Privacy" viewStackItemId="privacy"/>
			<mx:Object  label="Terms &amp; Conditions" viewStackItemId="terms"/>
			<mx:Object  label="Contact Us" viewStackItemId="contact"/>
			<mx:Object  label="Retailer Login" viewStackItemId="retailLogin"/>

I have a style sheet with the following style set for the LinkBar:

	skin: ClassReference(null);	

That’s pretty much it.